1) High Resolution, Comprehensive Atlases of the Human Brain Morphology

(PIs: Bouix, Kubicki, Makris)

2) Neural substrates of diffusion imaging in cognitively aging rhesus monkeys

(PIs: Kubicki, Rosene, Makris)

3) Next generation in-vivo diffusion imaging at submillimeter resolution

(PIs: Setsompop, Rathi)

4) Mapping the superficial white matter connectome of the human brain using ultra high resolution multi-contrast diffusion MRI

(PIs: O’Donnell, Rathi, Makris)

5) Patient-specific, Effective, and Rational Functional Connectivity Targeting for DBS in OCD

(PIs: Dougherty, Rathi, Makris)

6) Mentoring and neuroimaging research on new targets for DBS in OCD

(PI: Makris)

7) Modulating Inhibitory Control Networks In Gambling Disorder With Theta Burst Stimulation

(PIs: Makris, Camprodon)

8) Harmonizing multi-site diffusion MRI acquisitions for neuroscientific analysis across ages and brain disorders

(PIs: Rathi, O’Donnell)

9) Psychosis Risk Evaluation, Data Integration and Computational Technologies (PREDICT): Data Processing, Analysis, and Coordination Center

(Shenton, Kahn, sub PI: Kubicki)