The CMA is organized into four integrated and interactive components under the overall leadership of Dr. Nikos Makris and Dr. Marek Kubicki.

  • Clinical applications of neuroimaging: Dr. Marek Kubicki
  • Anatomical and clinical validation: Dr. Nikos Makris
  • MRI technology development: Dr. Yogesh Rathi
  • Neuroanatomical Imaging: Dr. Jarrett Rushmore
  • Project management and systems administration: George Papadimitriou

Dr. Nikos Makris (Professor of Psychiatry, Director, CMA)


Clinical Neuroanatomical Validation using Imaging

The mission of this sector of the CMA is interpreting clinical neuroimaging data and assessing the validity of neuroanatomical imaging methodologies used to produce these data.

Dr. Marek Kubicki (Professor of Psychiatry, Director, CMA)


Clinical applications The mission is to support clinical studies using newly developed, and biologicaly validated neuroimaging methods and analytic tools.

Dr. Yogesh Rathi (Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Radiology, Director of CMA Core)


MRI technology development

The mission of this sector of the CMA is development of novel MRI technologies to better understand the neuroanatomical details from in-vivo and ex-vivo brain scans.

Dr. Jarrett Rushmore (Assistant Professor, Neuroanatomist)


Neuroanatomical Imaging

The mission of this sector of the CMA is the development and evaluation of neuroanatomically accurate segmentation in neuroimaging data, including neural systems-based comparative and developmental neuroanatomy.


  1. Nikos Makris (Director, CMA)
  2. Marek Kubicki (Director, CMA)
  3. Yogesh Rathi (Director of CMA core)
  4. Jarrett Rushmore (Neuroanatomist)
  5. Ed Yeterian (Consulting Neuroanatomist)
  6. Lipeng Ning (Assistant Professor in Psychiatry)
  7. Magda Tsintou (Instructor in Psychiatry)
  8. George Papadimitrou (Project Management and Systems Administrator)
  9. Yeetzou Kao (Administrator Assistant)
  10. Isaac Ng (Research Assistant)

Collaborating Laboratories